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10 ft Milgard sliding glass door for your patio!
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Each house has a different look, we will find you the doors that looks best for your home.
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Enjoy the latest in patio doors and windows for your home. Milgard vinyl dual pane last forever, save energy and make your home more comfortable. If you still have your old windows and want to improve and enjoy; These products are for you!
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A little about who we are and what we do:
claremont depot santa fe
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The Santa Fe Railroad and others founded Claremont in 1887. In 1927 they remodeled the railroad's depot. The doors you see in the picture are carved with Santa Fe's distinctive cross and circle logo of the 1920's. In 2011 DP Door Co turned down the city's request to replace the doors and donated 30 man-hours to restore the doors and prevent their demise.

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Frank is the senior carpenter of D.P. Door that helped restore the Claremont Depot Doors. Frank has been with us since the early 1990's. He is a good as they come. His hobby is bluegrass guitar, not just playing them but he actually builds guitars as well as repairs violins. No one I know is a meticulous and talented as Frank, he also is one of the designers of our well known logo.DP Doors logo The doors and windows on his home are only the best and he can help you pick the best for your home.
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No other company I know of has a carpenter as experienced and as well rounded as Brent. He started in 1991 at the age of only 19, he helped build our first retail store in Rancho Cucamonga. He started his interest in wood working in High School where he took wood shop and architectural drafting (an "A" student, active in student body and sports). He is certified by the EPA and AAMA but more importantly he was trained by me Terry (our general manager) and Frank (our senior carpenter). Brent has installed more high end doors and probably more high quality windows with a higher level of craftsmanship then any one I've met or even heard of in my 35 years of experience.
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Brent and Frank "the best in the Inland Empire and beyond."
terry bryan
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In October Terry (our general manager) organized a Boy Scout Jamboree for 1,300 Boy Scouts. you think throwing a slumber party for your kids is tough try 1,300. Running our business seems effortless to him but I would not be able to do what he does. He deals with the homeowners, the vendors, the carpenters and sometimes me. He keeps things running smoothly which makes everyone happy.

Seems like anyone in the Door and Window business knows, respects and likes Terry. He started in in the Door business (Pacific Western Door) in 1977 while still in high school and later became one of the most powerful purchasing agents (in our industry) in Souther California. His reputation for fairness and honesty gives a lot of weight to what he says. Terry insist that our vendor's give us their best price, best stock, ship on time and honor their warranties. His rapport with the owners and/or top people goes a long way to help you get what you want, when you want it, and the quality you expect. His ability to organize our crew helps keep us efficient; All these things allows us to have top quality while keeping prices relatively low.


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Recently Mr. Barber was building a 10,000 sq ft multimillion dollar house for his family in Beverly Hill, he said "I went to door and window companies from L.A to here (our shop) and you are the most knowledgeable people and have the best products and displays."

People do drive far to see us so we have comfortable chairs incase they have to wait when they get here, a kids room to entertain the youngsters, and there is even a bakery/coffee shop next door.


The showroom at our 7,200 sq ft store has active displays. You can feel how well the sliding glass doors slide. You can hear the solid action of the french door multi-point locks. You can test the security of the positive latch Milgard vinyl windows. These doors and windows for your home are in displays similar to houses of the Claremont, Upland, Alta loma and Rancho Cucamonga area. It is not uncommon for customers from Pasadena to Palm Springs as well as the Beach area to the Desert and Mountains to travel to see our showroom. We have installed in Palm Desert to Beverly Hills as well as from San Clemente to Victoriaville.

What we install: Entry doors, bay windows, replacement windows, closet doors, exterior doors, screen, security, interior doors, glass replacement, window repairs.
Our Installers our carpenters have over 20 years of experience. Their apprentices have a minimum of 7 years experience. All of our installers are on our payroll and are covered by our insurance. (some construction work is sub contracted out) I have been doing woodwork and construction almost all my life and specialized in doors and windows since 1977; the people I hire are the best that I have met. It is not enough to have experience, they have to have dedication, integrity, and the desire to do the best for you, our customer.
DP Door Certification : EPA, AAMA, Milgard Windows and Doors, Upgrade California.
epa certified
aama certified
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EPA CERTIFIED: Keeps your family safe from lead poising.
AAMA CERTIFIED: to make sure the installation protects your house from mold and internal wall moisture.
MILGARD WINDOW & DOOR CERTIFIED: protects your Milgard lifetime warranty.
UPGRADE CALIFORNIA: helps you get the most energy efficiencies for your dollar.  

dp door rancho cucamonga showroomOur Rancho Cucamonga showroom, a stones through (literally) from Upland

dp door transit connect
Three of our vehicles on a window job in
a house in La Vern

Does having the best installers and products cost more? There are always those who cost less. Over 35 years of business we have seen most of those companies go out of business. But we would not sell as much as we do if we charged too much. We are in the "sweet spot" not the cheapest and by far not the most expensive. We calculate our prices on how many hours we will be spending on your job and how much we will spend on materials. We could use less experience installers that cost less but they would take longer, make mistakes, and neither you or I would be happy. Efficiency makes for less waste, less waste keeps price down better then cutting corners.  

When we buy a product for a lower price then our competitors we can sell to you for less. Our volume is important for us to get the best prices on custom Doors and windows. The high quality companies that we buy from see DP Door a important asset to them.Milgard winodws doors truck We buy a lot of custom doors and windows, more per location then some companies much larger then us. On many of these products, we are buying as low as and even lower then box stores. It is not uncommon for customers to tell us we were 20% lower on their door or window project then the famous box stores. Compared to the high pressure companies that go door to door or call you on the phone
we are often 50% lower!


Our reputation is what keeps us busy, because we are busy we get good prices. So no, our high quality does not mean high prices.
Sometimes the before and after pictures should look like before.
old house replacement milgard windowsHISTORIC LOOK CAN BE PRESERVED
Over the years the windows had been replaced with aluminum. To get it back to the original painted wood window look we had to undo the work from others and use a window with the origanal propotions and color.
old house milgard windows after
We used Milgard Tan Style Line windows to keep the look as close to the original look as possible. The liveability of the home is greatly improved, energy efficiency and security is maximized yet when you drive by it is not obvious.
Window in exsiting wall of house

This house needs more light in the living room. After talking to half a dozen contractors Dee (the home owner) called me. She said "no one can do what I want, they say it can't be done. They don't even seem to know what I want." We sat in her living room, I took out a piece of blank paper and said what do you want? She told me, I drew a sketch of it and she was very exited that I understood her dream. She said "I can't believe you did that in 5 minutes when I've had 6 contractors not even come close to what I want!". She wanted to know if I had a brother for her sister. I guess I made her happy.

The next picture is her dream made to reality.

cut out wall install large windows
frank installing winodw in wall of houseFrank installing
custom window in Upland home.

Contractors License # 562348

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