Amgen Bike Race Claremont to Mount Baldy; Levi Leipheimer (teamRadioShack) of Santa Rosa won stage 7 Saturday May 21, 2011

riders amgen may 21 claremontone rider amgen bike race claremont

Here are some pictures from today at the third lap around the Claremont Village before they took of for the long run up to Mount
Baldy. It started here at the Claremont Depot
front claremont depot santa fe station 4 15 2011
Claremont Depot Santa Fe Station Metrolink. Built 1927,
This picture is April 15,2011 By David Patsch, viewed from the north after we re-worked the doors.
amgen bike race may 21 claremont
Great atmosphere, the party will go on all day.
amgen bike race claremont
Lots of CHP's, they helped with the event.
amgnen bike race claremont may 21 2011
amgen bike race claremont may 21 2011
amgen bike race may 21 claremont
amgen bike race claremont ca stage 7

My guys getting ready for the event
removing-doors-claremont-depot-santa-fe-stationALMOST LOST HISTORY
D.P. Door Preserves Claremont Depot's History
The Santa Fe Station at the Claremont Depot was an interracial part of the founding of Claremont California. The city was essential developed around this aesthetic train stop.
One of the most distinctive architectural features of the station is the majestic doors and transom that predominate the height of the building. As the brass plaque outside the doors states: the Doors were commissioned by Santa Fe Railroads with a designed to show their circle and cross logo. For the last several years these doors were in such disrepair they were held shut by a shelf bracket
The front doors of the Claremont Depot will soon be the main staging area of the AMGEN world class bike race scheduled for May 15th through the 22nd. With over 25,000 spectators expected this month to come to Claremont for the world class bike race it would have been embarrassing if the doors at the AMGEN staging area did not work.
Experts were convinced the doors could not be repaired; the city asked D.P. Door to replace the historic doors but D.P. Door's owner David Patsch could not bring himself to throwaway these handmade pieces of history. David went to the drawing board and decided on a hardware system that would utilize the stronger parts of the doors and eliminate the old hardware that caused the damage to the doors.
After D.P Door donated 30 man-hours of labor the doors now work better then ever. "I've never seen doors open and close so easily" said Ryan the city employee in charge of the project .
"Even though the doors are custom and are twice as thick as regular doors we could have made replicas, but it is more important that decades from now tour guides can say these are the original Santa Fe doors from 1927. After all how many doors have a brass plaque dedicated to them." said David Patsch.


first-door-claremont-depot-santa-fe-stationThis is the start,


plaque claremont depot santa fe station
How many doors have plaques about them?
train claremont depot santa fe station

Part of the fun is watching the Metorlink train, you can see the conductor clearing the door.

santa fe train station logo
Looking north through front doors. The Claremont Depot Santa Fe Station doors have the Santa Fe Logo design. Notice the circle and cross of Santa Fe.


frame claremont depot santa fe stationhing claremont depot santa fe station

Old doors need old fashion methods. Frank hand chiseling to dap for hinge.

up door santa fe station claremont depot
pivot santa fe station claremont depot

The pivot on the left side of this picture was removed. Not easy to do, it goes 6" into the concrete floor and had frozen bolts that had to be drilled out, but this system is what broke the bottom of the doors.

cement claremont depot santa fe stationthresold-claremont-depot-santa-fe-stationWe had to remove and re-install the threshold to take out the floor pivots. Brent Collette did an excellent job in preventing damage to the original solid brass threshold. Kevin is filling in the large hole the old pivot closer left in the floor.
front santa fe station claremont depot
As always we leave the place cleaner then when we got there.
1927 claremont depot santa fe station
This looks just like the front of the Claremont Depot Santa Fe Station but it is the south side from the railroad tracks. To passengers of the train I guess this is the front. The picture is from 1927.

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