BARN DOORS are not necessarily for barns anymore. In recent years the the term "Barn Doors" is synonyms with double doors that open fully or even more recently for doors on a track that is attached to a wall (not in the wall). Conversely pocket doors were the old standard, they could be single or double but slid into the wall. Barn doors do not require cutting into the wall and can be applied almost anywhere where there is enough room. The track is the main thing that makes these types of doors "Barn Doors". The track is at the top of the door and the door or doors hang with wheels. There are different styles of tracks to pick from. The doors can be just about any style you want. It is not the doors that make it a barn door as much as it is the configuration of the track with hanging wheels on doors.

barndoor wrought iron

Wrought Iron BARN DOOR track


Interior Barn Doors for room divider or doorway.

barn doors interior

Stainless Steel barn door track

barndoor track stainless steel

Barn Doors

barn door


It is nice if the door is taller and wider by 2 or more like this door is, but we can also do standard 80" tall doors.



The barn door hardware comes in many styles and colors.

barn door


The handels are recessed on one side or both. This one has a recessed barn door pull on the other side and a pull handle on this side.
barn doors and hardware
Any door can be a barn door. Often you will see the plank door but realy we can use any door you want.
builders series barn doors
rustic barn door hardware
stainless steel barn door hardware
interior barn door
There is no limit to the types of doors availabe, the hard part is to pick one out.
interior doors
interior french for barn doors
interior masonite for barn door
interior masonite doors



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