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DP Doors Claremont Phone 909 625-6000

[UPDATE FOR COVID: The Claremont Store is not open at this time.
Please come to our Rancho Cuacmonga showroom.]

The Claremont Store is DP Door's owner's office where he meets his customers and potential customers. It has selected high quality displays to show the basic choices and catalogs of the full line we carry. The big store is the Rancho Cucamonga Store which is 4 times larger and open regular business hours. Please call for appointments; in Claremont 909 625-6000
Rancho is 909 989-1477

Please bring rough measurements and if you want a cell phone picture.
DP Doors Claremont

Claremont office hours:

The Claremont Store is not open at this time.

Please come to our Rancho Showroom.


The Rancho Cucamonga Store is open 9 to 5 M~F & Sat 10:30 till 2pm


Closed on Major Holidays


382 n Indian Hill, Claremont, California, 91711.

In the Claremont Village. South east corner of Indian Hill and 4th. Near Chase and Bank of America.

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DP Door's favorite Claremont Job

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Front Doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Replacement Windows,
You are about to see a picture Brent installing a replacment window in a typical stucco house. This window is a simple no grids (dividers, mulliuns, cris cross squares , what ever you want to call'em).  This is a simple installation, Brent will take about a hour per window. Windows with brick, wood, shutters or any thing like that will take just about 10 minutes longer. On those windows he needs to trim the edge of the window flange to fit. The result is a great looking window that ties into your wood or bricks ect.
double front entry doors
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