Brent installing a retrofit window

This page goes into detail of how to install retrofit windows.

  You are about to see a picture Brent installing a replacment window in a typical stucco house. This window is a simple no grids (dividers, mulliuns, cris cross squares , what ever you want to call'em).  This is a simple installation, Brent will take about a hour per window. Windows with brick, wood, shutters or any thing like that will take just about 10 minutes longer. On those windows he needs to trim the edge of the window flange to fit. The result is a great looking window that ties into your wood or bricks ect.

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Brent is the best in the business.

Shown here Brent has already removed the existing screens, glass panels and the center bar .  The old frame is not removed. This means no stucco  or drywall damage. The new window has been custom made to fit.

The old method of removing the old frame and redoing the lath, building paper, stucco and trying to match your stucco is now obsolete.

  It's not extremely difficult to install the window the hard part is to make sure it doesn't leak and that it looks great. You can tell the difference when we install and when someone else does. Our installers do a great job and there is almost no comparison. Brent trains our installers for years before they are allowed to go out and do a house of windows. Any of our customers that have had work done by other contractors are amazed at the high quality of our men.

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    A typical replacement window installation.  

This is a cut away view of an exterior wall with an old aluminum window in it. The left is the outside.


The screen, glass, and divider are removed.

No stucco or drywall is damaged.

Caulking is applied to and around the old frame.


The new window is

secured with screws

through the inside

window frame.

  inside of the window is trimed with matching trim.


The inside needs a trim. We use a special vinyl trim the looks good. We can also get fancy with custom trims.

  pic The result is amazing.  
  Pictrue is a close up of a old aluminum window and  how bad it looks. i this picture is after, it looks very good and clean. The frame of the new window is a little decorative in that at least there is a frame around the window. The old aluminum had no concerns about appearance.  
  Exterior Before After  


When there is wood trim brick or shutters around the old window we size the frame or fin of the new window for a perfect fit.  
These next three pictures are not from any of our jobs. They are computer modified to give the effect I want. We are proud of the fact that 98% of the photos on this web site are our jobs. This picture show a man installing a window and there is existing wood trim around the old aluminum window.      
  In this picture the window is in and you can see the window fit nicely with the new frame fitting just inside the thicker existing wood trim.    
  This is the final picture of the three picture set. it is a close up of the installed window and how nice it looks. every thing fits as it should.  
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All photos, drawings, art, clips, text are for dp door use only. Copyrights reserved  
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