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You are about to see a picture Brent installing a replacment window in a typical stucco house. This window is a simple no grids (dividers, mulliuns, cris cross squares , what ever you want to call'em).  This is a simple installation, Brent will take about a hour per window. Windows with brick, wood, shutters or any thing like that will take just about 10 minutes longer. On those windows he needs to trim the edge of the window flange to fit. The result is a great looking window that ties into your wood or bricks ect.

Claremont DP Door
Cucamonga DP Door

Compare window brands.

We have several brands of vinyl replacement windows on display. You can compare replacement window brands in real life.
While your comparing replacement windows your kids can play in the kid's room, it's the bright orange room to the right.

Compare French doors: Wood, Fiberglass, Vinyl.

Compare swinging french doors with sliding french, open sidelites to double french doors. Oh and don't forget to look at our hardware displays. What would look best, brass, antique brass, brush nickle, wrought iron, hand rub bronze? Do want levers, knobs or how about egg shaped?


Compare sliding glass patio doors.
Do you want wide styles, narrow? 4 door panels, 2 door, 3 door?

Compare fiberglass and wood doors.

We have dozens of doors from several manufactures on the floor so you can compare doors. Can you tell the fiberglass form the real wood? I've been doing this for most of my life and I can't tell our high end fiberglass doors form our best woods.

landscape oval oak front entry door
Door and sidelites on display. This is a oak landscape oval with a Titan Chelse lock. Is this the front door for you? The light coming through the glass is from our front window, this is no stock photo.


We are a small part of the oldest large shopping center in Rancho Cucamonga. It is a great location,
we are just a couple of minutes south of the 210 fwy (Carnelian exit; south one mile, on the right).
This is one of three signs on the 210. It has been ran over twice, you can see it looks a little bent.
Cucamonga peak is on the right, Mt. Baldy is not in the picture but would be over my left shoulder.
On this page we show several brands, Brands shown on this page: Picture of replacement windows; Milgard windows, Jeld-wen windows, Superior replacement windows, Anderson Windows, Ply Gem replacement windows. We have great displays of Milgard Windows Tuscany, Milgard Windows Style Line and soon will have the Milgard
Windows vinyl swinging French doors.

The catalog of doors and windows we have take up a room of shelves. Our best selling brands are AAW wood doors, Jeld-wen wood and Jeldwen Fiberglass doors. A lesser known company from Ontario is BGW wood doors and BGW's hot new line of stained custom fiberglass doors. Plastpro fiberglass french doors and Plastpro entry doors are out selling our Therma-Tru fiberglass french and Thermatru fiberglass front entry doors. Our Jeld wen fiberglass doors are the top of the line.


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