Brent installing a retrofit window
This page show some of how to install retrofit windows.

  You are about to see a picture Brent installing a replacment window in a typical stucco house. This window is a simple no grids (dividers, mulliuns, cris cross squares , what ever you want to call'em).  This is a simple installation, Brent will take about a hour per window. Windows with brick, wood, shutters or any thing like that will take just about 10 minutes longer. On those windows he needs to trim the edge of the window flange to fit. The result is a great looking window that ties into your wood or bricks ect.



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The key to success is ...

hire great people and use the best products.

Brent is the best in the business.

Shown here brent has already removed the existing screens, glass panels and the center bar .  The old frame is not removed. This means no stucco  or drywall damage. The new window has been custom made to fit.

The old method of removing the old frame and redoing the lath, building paper, stucco and trying to match your stucco is now obsolete.

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  trim of repalcment window

of Vinyl Replacement Windows




The inside is trimmed and sealed for a great look and the to maximize the efficiency of the window.
When we are done we remove the sticky labels and clean the glass and frame. This may not sound like a big deal unless you have ever tried to remove large gum labels from glass.


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