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Milgard Replacement Windows and Milgard Bay Windows Installed by DP Door Co
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Claremont & Cucamonga LOCATIONS
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installing picture window framing_stage tudor home with true divided lites arch top circle top grid milgard bay windows round top windows

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Custom built with 85 doors thousands of feet of moldings.

Arch top windows true divided grid, daul pane. Arch top windows with hub and spoke pattern, dual pane. Copper roof on Milgard Bay Window Our arch top dual pane windows their indoor pool
round top replacement windows, milgard style line installed
brown replacement window installed
milgard replacement vinyl winodws, single hiung and picture window
milgard sculptured grid in replacement window
Milgard Fiberglass Woodclad green window casement awning true divided dual pane Nice homes of Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, San Dimas, La Vern, Glendora,
 Pasadena, Pomona, Palm Springs, La Quint
Milgard dual pane Round Top Replacement Windows Brown replacement windows. One of 6 colors available. Try Milgard Premium Colors. Milgard Vinyl single hung windows flanking a picture window. Milgard Sculptured grid in a picture window,gives a nice warm feel. In our Showroom we have one of the best displays of Milgard Woodclad Fiberglass windows.
Pictures of doors in houses
Milgard fiberglass wood clad round top windows in large house
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Milgard fiberglass woodclad Round top windows with spokes on a hub is always a good look.
This is one very big single story house custom built by the architect who lives across the street.
milgard bay window with copper roof
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This was a old flat wood window. This bay is energy efficient and adds more room inside.
The main thing is it looks great. I still enjoy seeing it when I pass by the house.
milgard tuscany bay window with roof
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A typical track house window was replaced with this beautiful bay window.
The house went from unnoticeable to stand out.
It is a real head turner.

milgard bow window
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Before. It's was just another house on the block.

milgard vinyl bow windows with sculptured grids installed in house
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After. With a 10 foot Milgard Vinyl Tuscany bow window in the living room and a 6 ft Milgard Vinyl Tuscany
bow window in the kichen nook, It is now is a house envied by many neighbors.

Milgard replacement window with sculptured girds installed in house
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If your doing girds Milgard has the best on the market. Milgard's sculptured grid is unsurpassed.
round top windows with external grids
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The pool in the lower level of the house has a stainless steel kitchen at
the far end for those little get-togethers. The Milgard Fiberglass WoodClad windows are a must.
dp doors vinyl milgard window installed single hung and picture window
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This is a custom vinyl Milgard Replacement Window; two Milgard Style line
single hung and a Milgard Styleline picture window.
The Milgard Style line windows have a narrower frame, (especially on the picture window) then the Milgard Tuscany.
The Milgard Style Line cost less then the Milgard Tuscany but is of the same high quality and energy efficiency.

round top Milgadr replacemnet window Style line.
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Originally this large arch top picture window was cut up into several parts, the bars from the old windows unobstructed the view.
Now it is one large open view, the way a picture window should be.
The narrow frame is an advantage of the Milgard Style Line replacement windows.

brown windows
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Milgard makes replacement windows in all shapes and sizes and 6 premium colors.
This is a brown replacement window on the outside and is white on the inside.
It matches the trim nicely and was approved by the community association.
Milgard now has six premium colors on both the Milgard Style line replacement windows
and the Milgard Tuscany replacement windows.


Brown replacement windows for brown trim, it's about time.
big tudor home with 3 oak oval white washed doors.

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No, this is not my house. But I did spend a lot of time there. We installed 85 doors and 80 windows.

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Who are we?

D.P. door of Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga, started in Upland California in the late 1970's. It was a garage based company that advertised in the Penny saver. It has grown to be a well respected business of the community. They contribute to the local organizations and pay for 6 miles of litter clean up through the adopt a highway program in Claremont, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga. They also are active in recycling and energy conservation. The owner grew up and went to school in Claremont, then Upland and stills lives in the area. The installers are the heart of the company and are the best in the area. Terry who runs the Rancho Cucamonga store is well respected in the industry and as a Boy Scout Scout Master is a natural leader. Shirley use to work for Upland Lumber and sold doors and windows to guppy contractors and is a natural at customer service. Frank Pupo, the head carpenter, Brent Collette and Mike Rodrigues are all naturally meticulous. Frank builds guitars and restores violins for a hobby, Brent is a natural and is always the best at what ever he does, Mike is meticulous and consistent.

The recession is the true test of our merit. We actually expanded and increased sales last year with almost no advertising. Word of mouth from the community is the best testimony

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