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Solar Power for Electricity

Basics Of Solar:

By now you have seen solar panels mounted to your neighbors roofs.

The panels use the ample energy that that sun produces to produce electricity.

The electricity produced by the solar panels goes from wires in the panels to wires that go from the solar panels to your electrical service panel where your breakers and meter are. In between they go through a inverter that changes the impulse of the electricity from direct current (dc) like batteries use, to alternating (AC) that travels through wires more easily.

The meter that you utility company uses AC and so does your house. When you supply your own electricity then you don't need electricity from the utility company. So the meter (which is what measures your usage that you are charged for) slows and often will run backwards.

Before you had solar it only ran forward, and during the afternoons it probably ran forward very quickly running up a high utility bill.

What's worse is the more you use the high the rate. That's like if you were to use a gas station pump and the first 5 gallons were $3 per gal and the second 5 gallons were $4 and the third were at $5. That is why your summer bill jumps so much. You not only use more for your air conditioner but they are charging more per kilowatt of electricity.

When you make solar electricity it is important to attack the most expensive rates first.

With your utility companies time of use programs this is in the afternoon when rates are higher. And you would never want to go into high use in the afternoon when they raise the rates very high.

How much you use and when you use it are things that I use to design a system

to give you the faster return on your investment in solar.

You can do a system that only gets rid of the highest parts of you bill or up to a system large enough to eliminate most or all of your usage (usage of electricity from your utility company.)

What about at night when the solar is not producing electricity?

The utility companies are mandated to have a Net Energy Metering plan (NEM).

With net metering when you produce extra electricity during the sunny parts of the day it runs the meter backwards (so to speak, the old meters actual ran backwards now smart readers document the time of day and what rate you are over producing so you are credited that amount.) At night you can use this electricity that was credit to your account, what is great its at night the rates are cheaper. With a well designed system and a little luck form mother nature and your use habits you can produce at a high rate and use at a low rate.

You are not allowed to make a profit from this, but it does mean you didn't have to buy as many solar panels to get a near zero electric usage bill.

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