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Solar Power for Electricity

Get a turn key complete photovoltaic system installed.

Why us? We are not well know for solar, but we are well know for our quality, honesty and care for our customers. You know there are a lot of contractors out there that are more into cutting corners then to making things last. Some people say we are more expensive then others, but never that we cut corners.

One thing some do not know is I have been in the building and remodeling business since I was old enough to walk and have study renewable energy for several years. Knowing solar is only part of what your contractor needs to know. There are structural considerations, roofing, plumbing and duct work that have to be understood.

The solar panels do not use plumbing obviously but those little plumbing vent pipes on your roof can make a shadow on a panel. Even a partial shadow from a pipe will cause a large portion of the panel to shut off.

If the solar panel did not shut off the power would reverse into the shaded area an burn out your panel. The larger vents are even more of a problem. A contractor can not move these unless they know how to do it. Understanding the construction of your home is very important and a basic solar installation crews do not seem to understand the importance of relocating this obstructions nor are comfortable doing that type of work.

Another concern is the roof itself. If the roof leaks after the solar panels are installed it would be very expensive to fix. If you talk to a solar sales person they may imply they will fix it for free under a lease warranty, but if you read the lease you may find the opposite.

The idea is to make sure everything involved in the solar power system (photovoltaic system) last for 20 years or more. The only part that would have to be service in that time would be the inverter that transforms the DC power to AC power.

In 2009 we incorporated DP Energy Store Inc. Some people assume I opened in the Village because I'm an former resident of Claremont and appreciate dining at the great restaurants. There is a lot of truth to that but one of the main reasons we opened the Claremont Village store is to be in the heart of the community with so many engineers and architects that have experience in solar power. That is not to mention the residence that are so very much aware of the importance of preserving our planet.

After years of searching we have found a installation company that understands the whole package. They have a resume of some of the best known home builders as well as well know institutions.

DP Energy Store Inc is acting as the main contractor to serve you with our knowledge and our concern for you. Our installation crew that works under us is the best around and I will make sure of they prove it.

Right now we are not interested in profiting form our solar installations, we are concentrating on being involved in this exiting business.

The prices we offer are just above wholesale, we only change for the hours I spend and the expense of the insurance. We are not charging the usual mark up and overhead. Some day we might but for now we just want to see more of our panels on roofs.

In summery:

You will be buying just over wholesale with me in your corner to make sure everything is done in your best interest.

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